Jessica Smith - Somatic Psychotherapy - Santa Rosa, CA
Somatic Psychotherapy and couseling
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Who I work with:

I work with individual adults and couples of all genders, orientations and backgrounds.  My clients have ranged in age from 3 years old to 63 years old.  While I don’t work with minors in my private practice, I can draw on my years as a child therapist to provide support for struggling parents. 


Areas of expertise include:

Relationship challenges

Communication issues

Sex and Sexuality Concerns

Anxiety and Depression

Past Abuse and Trauma

Grief and Loss

Low self-esteem

Lack of motivation

Parenting Strategies

Personal Growth



My approach to counseling and therapy:

As a licensed psychotherapist trained in multiple modalities, my general approach is relational and interactive as well as eclectic and flexible.  I strive to meet you where you’re at and draw on whatever specific approach or tools seem to best support you in the moment.  As every person is unique, every therapeutic path is also unique.  If there is a particular style of counseling or therapy you are interested in, such as cognitive-behavioral or art therapy, please ask me and we can talk more about that.

I offer a specialty in somatic therapy.  This whole-person approach can be both subtle and profound and is one of the best methods for dealing with certain issues.  Past experiences, especially traumas, can get stuck in our bodies and create emotional and relationship havoc as we go on with our lives. Working through your body can best address this pattern and offer new and more effective ways of relating.

Couples counseling

In addition to work with individuals, I also see couples who are struggling to improve their relationship or who want to work preventively to keep difficulties from being big challenges later on.  Research shows that most couples come into therapy too late, so if you are stressed by communication difficulties, resentful feelings or frequent fights, I encourage you to seek support sooner than later. 

Healthy relationships require time and attention and I can work with you to discover how your relationship can become less challenging and more satisfying. I can provide you with tools to communicate more effectively and reduce blaming and reactivity, as well as help you work through past resentments.  Whether your primary concerns are communication, sex, intimacy, money or parenting, there is hope and possibility for change, especially with the support of a skilled and neutral guide.

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