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Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed in your life or relationships?

Have you ever been told that you overreact at times?  Do you ever feel scared or panicked for no apparent reason?  Do you have days when it is hard to get out of bed?  Does it seem that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to feel happy and satisfied in your relationship?

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Therapy can help with issues like these.  We all go through periods when we can’t see the way through and asking for help can be an important part of the learning and growth process.  Change is possible and psychotherapy can provide you with more confidence, more insight and more tools.

Jessica Smith is a profoundly powerful woman and therapist. Her life and professional experience give her work deep strength, passion, and vitality – one feels very present and alive in working with her! Her keen intellect and ability to cut through issues is a strength she possesses; at the same time, her open heart is is able to hold you in safety. She is consistently engaged in doing her own personal work, and thus she brings to you a clean, alert presence that is absolutely invaluable in a therapist. I recommend her whole-heartedly!
- Sharon Davis, MFT Intern

You may be wondering…

Counseling and Therapy – What’s the Difference?

Counseling can be helpful for specific issues like depression, anxiety or anger management.  Through counseling we can work together to help solve the problem and provide you with more tools to break through the stuck pattern.  Therapy, as in psychotherapy, tends to be a longer term process of getting to the root of core issues by exploring more aspects of your life and your history.  In reality, the two can overlap a lot and be quite similar and I often default to using the word therapy.

How long will this take?

The truth is, we all have any number of things that could be worked on indefinitely.  And, most people are not interested in signing on for years of psychotherapy.  The reality is that you and I work this out as we go and you have control over how long you are a client.  If you are coming in for a very specific concern, such as anxiety that’s related to certain situations, counseling could be relatively short-term (a few months).  If you are interested in overall personal growth and working through a variety of issues that challenge your life, psychotherapy can be a long-term process.  If you are clear that you want short-term counseling, I encourage you to talk with me about that and we can determine how feasible that is and what might be the best way forward. 

Isn’t therapy expensive?

It can be.  And, it can be one of the best investments that you make in yourself and your future.  Therapy is an opportunity to deal with all those stuck patterns and ways of relating that are getting in your way, including financially.  Doing that takes time and commitment.

There are lots of other therapists to choose from.  Why should I choose you?

Like many of my colleagues, I offer strong empathic support for your journey.  My clients have been appreciative of my intuition and my ability to help them get to the heart of the matter.  I am particularly open and receptive to a wide range of lifestyles and am deeply committed to helping you grow and heal.  While these strengths are not uncommon, I also offer additional depth in my approach to therapy in the form of body-mind psychotherapy, also known as somatic therapy.  Somatic therapy includes your felt body experience in addition to the usual thoughts and feelings that talk-therapy addresses.  It’s by working through the body that we can facilitate change around some of your most deeply problematic and painful issues. 

How do I know that you are the right therapist for me?

You don’t.  And neither do I.  That’s something we will figure out together in our first 1-3 sessions as we get clear on what your core issues are and what approach is most appropriate.  Research shows that the relationship between therapist and client is an essential component to successful outcomes so it’s very important that we are a good match and we will have to meet to find that out. 

Getting Started

Contact me via phone or email to arrange a free phone consultation and if it seems like we are a potentially good match, we can schedule a first appointment at a discounted rate of 50%.  Please visit my getting started page for more information.


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